16 March 2017
5G in 5 Italian cities

The 5G trial process starts today  in Italy. It will affect 5 Italian cities: the metropolitan area of Milan, Prato, ...more

8 March 2017
Open Fiber won the first Infratel tender

Infratel Italia Spa officially awarded to Open Fiber five batches of the first tender to realize ultra broadband infrastructures in ...more

1 March 2017
Public consultation on grey and black areas

The public consultation starts today, first of March. The aim is to map the ultrabroadband services in the grey and black ...more

1 February 2017
UBB Communication Plan, published the ranking that selects two preliminary projects

Lega delle Autonomie Locali and Unioncamere classified first in the ranking list, approved yesterday by the Ministry of Economic Development (MiSE), ...more

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