8 March 2017

Infratel Italia Spa officially awarded to Open Fiber five batches of the first tender to realize ultra broadband infrastructures in the white areas of the Country, also known as “market failure areas”.

The Board of Directors of the subsidiary company of Invitalia, which met yesterday in Rome, approved the proposal for the award after the related tender commission announced the conclusion of all the formalities required by law. The five batches involves six Regions for a total amount, before the tender lowering, of around 1.4 billion Euros and are divided as follows: 123 million for batch 1 (Abruzzo and Molise), 232 million for batch 2 ( Emilia Romagna), 439 million for batch 3 (Lombardia), 222 million for bacth 4 (Tuscany) and 388 million for batch 5 (Veneto).

Open Fiber will bring the ultra broadband in 3,000 Italian municipalities, involving about 6.5 million citizens, 3.5 million housing units (HH) and over 500,000 business locations and public administrations. The concession related to the network, that will remain in public ownership, will be 20 years long.