19 September 2017

The communication and information plans of the  Chamber system and the Local Autonomy to support the diffusion of the ultra broadband.

The main goal is the diffusion of the ultra fast broadband, in particular of the public network, directly in the national territories, encouraging the municipalities and the enterprises to use the digital services. In a word: make citizens and societies intrested to the optic fiber and to the services of ultra fast connectivity contributing to stimulate the offer and the growth of the demand.

Two  information and communication plans, selected and financed by the Mise. The targets are, from one hand the public administration and the local communities and to the other hand the enterprises linked to the territories. Two projects which will be realized by Lega delle Autonomie Locali and Unioncamere. They will be presented in Rome during two events (21 and 22 September).

This is a new phase of the National Strategy, ready to reach private companies and citizens.

21 September Program “Ultranet. ultrafast broadband in Italy”

22 September Program “Digital growth of the Territories”