10 May 2017

The Ministry of Economic development and the Sardinia Region signed today the agreement on ultra broadband. The Sardinia Region is part of the third and last tender, within the italian ultra broadband strategic plan, to bring the ultra broadband public network in the market failure areas where is present a lack of fast connectivity.

The overall investmnet is equal to around 83.3 M€. In particular 66.7M€ come from Regional EU funds (FESR), 16.2 M€ from Regional EU rural funds (FEASR) and 0.3 M€ from national funds (FSC).

The investments will grant 30 Mbps to all the citizens and 100Mbps at least in 70% of the areas falling within the Cluster C.

This ultra broadband connectivity will serve around 222k citizens and 191k HH in 77 municipalities.

Last but not least, have been already set the agreements between MiSE, the Region, the Provinces and Municipalities to speed up the realization of the infrastructure simplifying time and procedures to release the related authorizations.