The Italian Strategy for high-speed broadband has the general objective of developing a future-proof telecommunications infrastructure throughout the country.

In particular, the strategy intends to bring:

  • Connectivity with a minimum of 100 Mbps for up to 85% of the Italian population, guaranteeing coverage of at least 30 Mbps download to all citizens by 2020.
  • Cover at at least 100 Mbps for offices and public buildings (particularly schools and hospitals)
  • High-speed broadband in industrial areas

The strategy tools are:

  • Administrative simplification and reduction of burdens
  • Creation of tax exemption tools for infrastructure operations
  • Stimuli for triggering the demand
  • Facilitation of access to financial resources and establishment of a central point for raising funds/a guarantee fund and credit at subsidised rates
  • Direct public sector execution of works in areas of market failure
  • Land registry creation for above and below ground

The financing sources are:

  • Development and cohesion fund (2014-20) for a total of approx. € 5 billion of which € 2.2 billion was already allocated by the CIPE decision of 3 August 2015 for intervention in the white areas of market failure.
  • Operational Programmes (Regional and National) 2014-20 for a total of € 1.8 billion including € 230 million from the National Operational Programme on Enterprises and Competitiveness (2014-20).