Site Audit Methodology

Concerning the Italian Ultra-Broadband Strategy (BUL Plan) the Construction Site Audit function carries out three fundamental activities:

A. High Vigilance during the executions of the open construction sites;
B. Audit of construction sites for unfinished tasks;
C. Audit after testing

These activities concern the construction sites part of the Direct Public Intervention and the working sites part of the Concession Intervention.

A. The Construction Site Control function conducts audits at active construction sites during the execution of work to assess:

  • the compliance of the work with the contract specifications, the technical specifications introduced by Infratel Italia, the executive project and the authorizations/requirements of the interfering entities;
  • The quality of the contracted work and its progress;
  • Compliance with the occupational health and safety regulations set forth in Legislative Decree No. 81 of 2008.

B. The Construction Site Control function performs partial SAL audits to assess:

  • The appropriateness of the recognized quantities in the accounts;
  • The completeness and consistency of accounting and site documentation;
  • The suitability and compliance of materials laid and accounted for;
  • The correctness of the installations/work required by the standards issued by Infratel Italia, as well as in compliance with the authorizations and executive design.

C. The Construction Site Control function conducts audits after the completion of the works and the acceptance of the technical administrative-testing to ascertain the correctness of the activity and of its documentation. Specifically, the aspects assessed are as follows:

  • administrative documentation;
  • as built design;
  • acceptance procedure (correctness of the checks performed by the acceptance tester, acceptance documentation, resolution of any prescriptions issued as a result of the acceptance visit, final accounting).